Re-imagining Learning Spaces

This post contains a copy of the slideshow my wonderful colleague at Cooks Hill Campus, Lizzy Carter, and I presented at the recent ProjectNEST UnConference held at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle.

The idea of the presentation was to not only present the learning spaces we’ve crafted at CHC, but to do so within the broader frame of using the Design Thinking process developed by IDEO. The idea was to be very unconference-y and actually have participants start to ideate and prototype learning spaces – however, time was not our friend and so the full effect of the presentation wasn’t felt, though I sincerely hope that those who attended our sessions were inspired and took away the following:

  1. Re-imagining learning spaces is best done when you follow a structured approach that incorporates the needs of all stakeholders: students, staff, administrators.
  2. Re-imagining learning spaces needs to go hand-in-hand with a re-imagined pedagogy.
  3. Bravery and persistence are needed when challenging what is accepted as the status quo.
  4. Re-imagining learning spaces is easy, implementing the change is hard – but definitely worth it when students and teachers are more engaged in meaningful learning in responsive, flexible learning spaces (whatever and wherever that space happens to be either in or outside of the classroom).

It’s not going to be easy, but someone once said something along the lines of “nothing that is worth getting comes without effort”. I salute all the brave educators who will take what they learned at ProjectNEST and make positive changes in their schools for the benefits of our future citizens.

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