Getting lost on the farm

Okay so I have been really slack and this happened a while ago now, but here it is for posterity.


Today I was lucky enough to be a part of a wonderful TPL experience, both as a presenter and participant. First of all a big fist pump (thanks @benpaddlejones for getting me onto that term) to Grant Ward and Justine Abell for organising this epic event, another one to @pryorcommitment for bringing up the concept, and @neilfara for revving me up for the event.

Having gotten lost in Barnesley on the way there I got to see a bit of countryside and lucky just made it in time for Roger Pryor’s opening remarks. I too saw the super moon the night before and reflected on what it must have been like ages ago to be out under the stars witnessing such an event, so he connected with me right away. I had read on his blog his idea of ‘planning school’ vs school planning and I believe that his tight-loose-tight model is an important one for anyone engaging in redefining school.

I have been lucky enough to witness this model in action when I visited @neilfara and Project REAL last year, and watching Neil present enthusiastically on the work his faculty has done and the results they have achieved was a good motivator for people like me who are working at the end of change. Neil is passion personified.

I was also fortunate to see two presenters Cory Macdonald and @BeauBerman talk about the fascinating work they are doing at Callaghan College Waratah with Educ8. If you have seen what they are up check out their blog here.

@benpaddlejones ‘ pecha kucha I became intrigued with his innovative approach to Professional Learning for Teachers and will definitely seek out more information. I also saw Ben’s Game-based learning session and walked away feeling excited…so much so I went back last session for a quick go on the Xbox kinect which was fun to say the least. Using my body to navigate was a bit like minority report. When my boys get a bit bigger I am purchasing one for sure!

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