Project LEGACY Day 2

Day 2 was less messy than day 1. I didn’t incorporate music into this lesson (music as background/working noise) as some students were focusing on it rather than the task. I intend bringing music back after we’ve discussed rules of use as a class.

Groups were re-established, with some members opting out of groups and joining others. Some groups even abandoned topics they’d fought over for new ones (“Sir, can we do weapons and armour instead of myths?”) which made me laugh when they realised how much they’d fought over it yesterday.

I talked about the need to produce a meaningful product for a real audience, not just for assessment by the teacher. After discussing who would like to learn about the influence the ancient Greeks had on our culture, we decided that school students, teachers and people interested in Ancient Greece would be our audience. The type of product came down to a whole-class youtube video or a webpage that had group-made videos, powerpoints, resources, etc. The struggle today was getting them to generate prompt questions (who, what, where, when ,why, how) for their topics which they would then research the answer to.

Some groups were really into it, using textbooks, sheets, pictures, etc to complete the process. Other groups were stagnant. I brought the class back to focus by pointing out that in order for our product to ship on time, we would need to have everyone working in each group and each group working. I put the onus back on the groups to motivate members and deal with the social issues – with freedom comes responsibility.

Next lesson I intend to focus the class’s motivation by pointing out that the Head Teacher, other classes and even the Principal would be invited to view our final product before it ships to the web. This will hopefully help them to take extra pride in their work. I will also point out that when it hits the web, outsiders will be able to comment on it.


2 thoughts on “Project LEGACY Day 2

  1. This is great – look at the skills your students have developed within two days!
    Have you thought about giving your students the target outcomes for your unit?
    Love following your journey – adding this blog to my edmodo RSS!

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